The Top 10 DATIS Blogs of 2015
  • January 6, 2016
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The Top 10 DATIS Blogs of 2015

As 2015 comes to an end, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite DATIS blogs. Our team at DATIS researches, creates, and curates a variety of original content to help you stay on top of industry trends in leadership, workforce management, technology, and finance categories. Here are our top picks for the best DATIS blogs of 2015:


retain employees


1. 5 Reasons to Retain Employees– Employees are undoubtedly the foundation of every organization. It’s critical to develop and retain top employees to cut costs, cultivate a great work culture, and increase overall efficiencies at the organization. This blog dives into further detail on why your organization should make employee retention a top priority.

CEO succession

2. Who Will Succeed Your CEO?– As many baby boomers are beginning to retire, organizations are finding it hard to replace their CEO. Some organizations are sourcing candidates internally, while other organizations look outside for a fresh perspective. This article discusses how an HR department can streamline the search for a new CEO.

cultivating creativity in a changing industry

3. Cultivating Creativity in a Changing Environment– As competition rises and change becomes constant, organizations are searching for new ways to improve processes. This is driving the need to develop more creative approaches to process improvement and service delivery.

the way we work is changing

4. The Way We Work is Changing– In our current business environment, the only thing constant is change. Inevitably and irrefutably, the way we work is changing. There are no more 9-5’s and no more cubicle walls to maintain departmental silos. This blog explores the transformation of the workplace.

top HR pain points

5. Top HR Pain Points– Did you know that the number one pain point identified by HR professionals was the mundane task of completing manual processes and spreadsheets? Workforce challenges and technological advances are driving major changes within HR. With change comes the decision to add more resources, or focus on streamlining tasks to increase productivity.

mental health hill day6. Change Depends On Our Action– At Hill Day 2015, Linda Rosenberg, President of the National Council for Behavioral Health, gave a compelling speech about how change begins with us. This blog breaks down the events, speakers, and messages delivered at Hill Day 2015.

employer branding

7. Employer Branding: How is the CEO Involved?– We have moved from an era where recruiting was responsible for creating the image of an organization to an era where the entire organization must be involved in the creation and maintenance of the employer brand in order to attract top talent.

multigenerational workforce

8. Managing a Multigenerational Workforce– Our business environments are evolving rapidly as four generations collide in the workplace- driving the need for an overhaul of traditional leadership styles. Understanding today’s multifaceted workforce is the first step to developing an effective leadership strategy.

work and life balance

9. Work-Life: The Great Balancing Act– Running an organization is costly, especially with outdated systems. This blog gives you a better understanding of cloud solutions and the immense benefits that come from switching to a cloud-based system.

conserving capital with cloud computing

10. Conserving Capital with Cloud Computing– Running an organization is costly, especially with outdated systems. This blog gives you a better understanding of the cloud and the immense benefits that come from switching to a cloud-based system.


That’s a wrap on 2015! Thank you for engaging with our blogs. We look forward to continuing to share our content with you and helping you strategically improve your organization in the coming year. Stay up to date with our best blogs by signing up for our Monthly Thought Leadership Newsletter.

This DATIS Blog was written by Ally Edwards, DATIS, on January 6th, 2016 and may not be re-posted without permission.

Written by Ally Edwards