Top HR Pain Points

Top HR Pain Points

Human resources is an ever-evolving business function. Workforce challenges and technology are two of the major drivers for the changes. With change comes the decision to add more resources, or focus on streamlining tasks to increase productivity. FinancialForce has conducted a survey of HR professionals in which they asked, “What are the major pain points you face today?” Their answers were organized from 1-10, 10 being ‘the most pain’.

The number one pain HR professional identified was the mundane task of completing manual processes and spreadsheets. Manual data entry, and the analysis of the data to make useful spreadsheets is extremely time-consuming. Along the same line is a lack of workforce visibility and metrics, which was ranked as the third biggest HR pain. For these problems, technology adoption is the best solution. New software solutions exist, such as Human Capital management systems, which have the ability to automate a myriad of manual tasks in seconds, producing real-time information for analysis.

The second biggest HR pain is a lack of systems integration. This problem occurs when an organization uses multiple systems for different functions like recruiting, payroll processing, talent management, and more. Unfortunately, these systems often have trouble “talking too each other”, resulting in many headaches for an HR department like multiple sign-ons, duplicate data entry, and incomplete reports.

Additionally, using multiple systems increases the risk of error in compliance and analysis because there is no central source of information. The best way to combat this challenge is to utilize one comprehensive system that has all of the features your organization needs.

Two additional HR pains that made the top 10 list are: the madness of recruiting and subsequently, employee turnover. High employee turnover is a major driver of recruiting “madness”. Additionally, as many companies are in a growth stage, they are both looking to add new positions and fill existing ones, creating complicated recruiting needs and processes. With turnover rates trending higher and higher each year and talent acquisition costs rising, it is imperative for HR to harness technological tools to succeed on today’s recruiting battlefield. Many recruiting management tools exist today to solve this problem. Organizations should seek a software solution that emphasizes automation, compliance, and the maintenance of position attributes.

The business environment is shifting rapidly. Due to the influx of millennials to the workforce, HR is facing the brunt of the challenges as they attempt to simultaneously attract, engage, retain, and develop employees. It is time devote strategic resources to manage our most valuable and volatile resource- human capital.

This DATIS Blog was written by Carley Donovan, DATIS, on February 18th, 2015 and may not be re-posted without permission.

Written by Carley Donovan