A Time to Give Thanks: Thanking Your Employees

A Time to Give Thanks: Thanking Your Employees

The holiday season is a perfect time to show appreciation and gratitude towards those who play important roles in your organization. This stressful time of year can extinguish even the brightest holiday spirit. Employees work strenuous hours to reach deadlines that are often shortened by the holiday season. Although an employer may greatly value the work that an employee does, unless there is expressed recognition, morale sometimes suffers. For a manager, something as simple as thanking employees for all of their hard work can eliminate some of the additional stress that is felt this time of year.

Five Ways to Thank Your Employees

  • Pay Attention- Make it part of your routine to go around every day to a different department and talk to each employee. Be engaging, be interested, and show your gratitude. Employees appreciate a boss who shows an interest in their work.
  • Write it down- Jot down some quick notes of what an employee does well, or has specifically been working on. This will help so that you can be specific when thanking your employees. It shows effort on your part and demonstrates that you have a handle on precisely what is happening.
  • Verbal Appreciation- Depending on the work environment and the preference of your employee, acknowledge their accomplishments. Whether it be announced in front of the rest of the team, or sent out via email, people appreciate being recognized by their superiors and it shows other employees what type of behavior is desirable.
  • Thank you note– It’s very simple. When you receive a present, you write a thank you note. When an employee goes above and beyond the expectations, write a simple thank you note. This adds a personal touch to professional appreciation, something that helps forge a closer relationship between you and your employees.
  • Reward- Make it a game. Have a prize or privilege contingent upon performance objectives. Verbal recognition is great, but employees will also appreciate tangible items that represent the appreciation of the boss or the organization. Remember, reward isn’t about extravagance; it’s about noticing the extra effort publicly and thoughtfully.

Many employers view the employee’s salary alone as a representation of gratitude for their work. However, consistently giving a few simple words of recognition help to really make employees feel appreciated and valued. This provides them with a sense of belonging and an increase in self-confidence. When employees feel like more than just a number, their trust and loyalty grows towards you and the organization. According to Glassdoor, high levels of loyalty and trust increase the retention rate of employees, cutting down the expenses of rehiring and retraining replacements. Furthermore, from an organization standpoint, an increase in motivation will lead to higher productivity rates and profits. This holiday season, make the time to say those two easy words, “thank you”. It costs nothing to be gracious and the rewards can be immense.

This DATIS Blog was written by Ally Edwards, DATIS, on November 26th, 2014 and may not be re-posted without permission.

Written by Ally Edwards