Is it Necessary to Instill Fear into Your Employees?

Is it Necessary to Instill Fear into Your Employees?

This DATIS blog article, Is it Necessary to Instill Fear into Your Employees?, was originally written by Debbie Ruston, The Success Educator, on March 26, 2014 and was reposted with permission. Debbie Ruston has been an entrepreneur and trainer since 1986. She works with individuals, and groups interested in developing their entrepreneurial leadership mindset.

Old style management still believes they must rule their employees with an iron fist, instilling fear to gain respect and results.  These bully style, ego driven managers  believe the constant threat of losing their jobs is what  brings out the best in people.  This may have worked in the industrial age, but it is not effective in today’s work environment.

It’s been stated that 75% of the workforce will be millennials by 2015.   This is a group that is more educated than previous generations, they are more confident, know what they want, will not put up with poor treatment and are not threatened by losing their jobs.  Thankfully, this generation is not a generation of followers, living in a fear based society, sacrificing what they deserve for a paycheck.

If todays employees really want to leave, they will leave. It is much better to develop a great culture and working environment where people feel valued, rather than building a fear based culture based on threats. When employees do leave a great culture and working environment, for whatever reason,  they can become your biggest cheerleaders.  With the power of the internet and social media, this is often the best free advertising a company could get.   How much more powerful is that for future growth than an ex employee that bad mouths your organization?

Written by DATIS Guest