HR Cloud Technology; the CEO View

HR Cloud Technology; the CEO View

The current technological age is constantly evolving with the most recent evolution in business and HR cloud technology.  Organizations are beginning to move away from their legacy programs towards the modern age of cloud technology.  The average HR software is over six years old and grossly outdated (Goodwin, 2013).  In addition, most HR departments are using multiple platforms to manage all of their human capital needs, only making the process more costly and confusing. As a CEO, it was reported that the top concern for the coming year was human capital, and it is obvious why (Bersin, 2013).  Now is the time to utilize the today’s technology to streamline HR and reduce costs.  Employing a cloud based software allows you to do all of these things effortlessly.

CEO Benefits

The benefits that come with using cloud technology are immense. Almost 60% of organizations are planning to upgrade their HR software in the next 18 months, creating a large competitive marketplace of vendors attracting the attention of CEOs across all industries (Bersin, 2013). These statistics have made HR software companies reevaluate their strategies and move towards cloud-based technology. This fully integrated solution allows clerical HR responsibilities and analytics to be completed easily in one portal.  By reducing the amount of operating responsibilities for each HR professional, the CEO can begin to use these managers as strategic partners.  In addition to this, precious time can be saved due to the automatic updates that are delivered by the service provider.  This all contributes to increased time for HR professionals to invest elsewhere.


Having an integrated system makes it much easier for employees to utilize the software to its full potential. HR Cloud Technology allows the user access to a vast amount of information at their fingertips, giving them the ability to easily view PTO, health benefits, time sheets and more.  Having a cloud based system allows this information to be accessed anywhere at any time providing a great deal of convenience to the employees.  This wealth of information provides staffs with all their personal and operational information allowing access to employee policies and manuals, creating a greater sense of transparency within an organization.

Flow of Information and Compliance

The largest convenience comes in the form of increased communication throughout all levels of an organization.  With employees utilizing a position control system, the flow of information and budgeting is much easier.  This is due to tracking being done at the position level, independent of employees.  The entire workforce is linked through this system, allowing information to move from the top to the bottom or vice versa with extreme simplicity.  Things such as time sheet approvals or vacation requests automatically move to the appropriate party for authorization.  Utilizing this flow of information can also increase compliance within a company. As institutional policies change and important news is reported, users can be forced to view this information upon login and consent to new policies, adding ease and increased compliance.

With so many organizations and CEOs looking to upgrade, it is easy to see the benefit of cloud operating system.  Maximizing HR productivity while simultaneously improving the flow of information.  Modernize today and effectively create a better business.

This DATIS Blog was written by Kevin D. Cassidy, DATIS, on March 12, 2014 and may not be re-posted without permission

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Written by Kevin D. Cassidy

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