Put the Human Back in Human Resources

Put the Human Back in Human Resources

The Human Resources position has historically dealt with the people of an organization.  Human Resources worked through barbed situations within the office while calming down disgruntled employees, they did all this in an attempt to maximize performance and efficiently use resources.  As years have passed, we have seen this humanistic approach leave the HR office, being replaced by the “process.”  Endless hours spent searching for job seekers, benefits packages, and compensation plans while filing folders.  Due to the changes that have occurred, it is time to let someone else handle the “process,” and let you put the human back in human resources.

Why Is Human Resources Really Needed?

The true function of HR is much more than handling paperwork or a bad situation.  No longer should the careers of HR employees be spent in the back office.  These professionals should be on the floor and at the front lines of a business.  Managing employees is not something a supervisor or manager can do alone.  These individuals are constantly walking a line between duty to the organization and that of themselves and their employees.  This is where an HR professional can add immense value by spending his/her time with the average employee.  Motivating employees and building relationships can improve workforce morale and productivity. This allows the manager to focus on the deadlines and outputs of a department, serving their duty to the organization.

How Can We Put The Human Back?

HR departments often spend a majority of time working on the process, recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, and benefits administration, when all of this time can be easily avoided.  HR Information Systems (HRIS) can save time and allow additional time to be re-purposed; this is explored deeper in the blog A CEO Perspective: Strategic HR.  With additional time, you can focus on employees as individuals. Ask yourself this question, “What do I need to do to make sure this team is kept in the loop, listened to, appropriately equipped, and responsibly and ethically led in order to win in our marketplace?” (Ryan, 2013).  When you have answered this question you have succeeded.

Put the human back in HR and find the crossroad between talent, strategy, and vision.  Utilize the time of the human resources department efficiently and spend it effectively on the people, creating a better business.

This DATIS Blog was written by Kevin D. Cassidy, DATIS, on Feb 11, 2014 and may not be re-posted without permission

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Written by Kevin D. Cassidy

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