3 Steps to Make Your Career Site More Attractive to Recruits

3 Steps to Make Your Career Site More Attractive to Recruits

It is no secret that finding quality talent as a health and human services organization can be a challenge.  When potential recruits visit your career site, it is essential that they are immediately intrigued and captured by the engaging content on the page.  They want to feel a personal connection, a sense of belonging to your organization.  There are steps that can be taken to make your career site more attractive to recruits.

Merely posting jobs with lengthy text that describes the responsibilities is not enough.  Applicants are often going to visit your career site, do a quick scan, and then look to see if there is a job that fits their interest.  If you can provide personal and creative content that is going to quickly catch their attention, they will be more engaged.  Providing persuasive material that highlights your organization’s culture will dramatically increase the recruiting numbers.

Here are 3 simple steps that will make your organization’s career site more attractive to recruits:

1.    Post Pictures of the Organization

It is much easier to catch someone’s attention with colorful and vibrant photos rather than black and white text.   Showcase pictures of team outings, employees working, a shot of the campus, and company gatherings.

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare of Gainesville, Florida incorporated this picture of a staff event in October of 2013 and has an entire section on its career page dedicated to Employee Engagement.

Make Your Career Site More Attractive to Recruits

Staff Event at Meridian Behavioral Healthcare

Any shot can be used and be creative with the text.  Meridian preceded this photo with a very personal yet clear message, “It’s no secret that increased engagement levels and increased performance are linked…Our people are our most valuable assets.”

2. Include Team Testimonials

Take a few minutes and ask employees about their career growth and opportunities at your organization.  Include these quotes with a picture of the team member and a fun description.  A recruit will be excited to hear what an employee values at your organization.  This will create a personal connection and make the recruit motivated to apply.


It also does not hurt to engage with current employees and listen to their input.   This will make employees feel valued and more vested to the team.

Attract Recruits

Attract Recruits

3.    Stream Employee Videos

While you are asking the employees how they have contributed and grown at your organization, you might as well go ahead and turn on the camera.  Although, you may be afraid that shooting video is out of your comfort zone, this can easily be done in iMovie or Vine with just a bit of editing.  Upload it to YouTube, and you are set to embed the link on your career page.  Applicants are looking for any type of resources out there to understand the organizational culture.  You will be surprised how many views your video will get.  You can also use this on social media to increase donor participation.


Give these three methods a try on your website, and you will have a crew of applicants vying for the chance to work at your organization.  Recruiting the best and brightest candidates can be tough but give them a few creative and unique reasons that will resonate with them, and you will be surprised at the response.

This DATIS Blog was written by Toni Aliberti, DATIS, on Feb 12, 2014 and may not be re-posted without permission

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