5 Technology Trends Transforming Recruiting

5 Technology Trends Transforming Recruiting

There are 5 major technology trends transforming recruiting and changing the hiring landscape in 2014.  The ability to constantly connect through mobile devices, accessibility of online retail shopping, and networking through social media has changed user expectations when seeking jobs.  Applicants looking for jobs believe that it should be just as simple and fast as other online activities.  There is also more data available to recruiters, and they need to figure out how to utilize it.  Recruiters are often unsure if it is acceptable to use data when making a hiring decision.  These complexities have resulted from from the emergence of new technology, changing workforce demographics, and increased globalization.

5 Technology Trends Transforming Recruiting:

1-    Content and Community Enabled Portals
2-    The Mobile Job Seeker
3-    Getting Social
4-    Understanding Data and Context
5-    Bringing Recruitment Out Of The Silo

Content and Community Enabled Career Portals

Career portals have evolved from simply posting the job description with very little information about the organization to incorporating online applications, text alerts, and having a login for applicant portals, to now building relationships with a company focus that targets passive candidates.

Technology Trends Transforming Recruiting

As the job market increases, the applicants have more options and want to feel connected to the employer.  Now career portals are being built out to have content about the industry and make them feel comfortable and welcome.  It is not only recruiting applicants but also educating them in their field.

Be Ready For The Mobile Job Seeker

Job seekers expect a seamless and easy experience to apply online but also through the phone.  Often times candidates are engaged with your website and organization months before they apply through mobile devices.

Getting Social

Engaging applicants with the social media is becoming your organization’s public resume.  If you look at statistics of how many people use Facebook and LinkedIn, it proves a very clear reason why your organization has to be involved with social media.  Youtube is used as a marketing tool to grab people’s attention and get them excited to apply to your organization.  Broadcasting the message is not enough, there needs to be other engagement.

Understanding Data and Context

There is a massive amount of disparate information, and it is critical to get a handle on how to utilize it.  There is more data available on how to measure possible applicants.  Recruiting data is now integrated through an organization’s talent management solution and utilized throughout the entire employee lifecycle.  Important data related to recruiting: dropout rates, time to hire, competency scores, and acceptance rates to reduce turnover and increase productivity.

Bringing Recruitment Out Of The Silo

In the past, recruiting was often not even a part of HR, but now it is at the core HR functions.  Recruiting and onboarding is an integral part of talent management and performance management.  Skills and credentials that applicants have listed on their resume need to be populated to properly use as a talent management tool.  These core assets can be utilized during their performance but are often kept separate on their resume.  It is critical for information gathered during the recruitment process to be leveraged during the entire employee lifecycle to improve the engagement process, future recruiting, and performance management.

Technology can improve the overall experience, you just need to embrace it and stay ahead of it.  It should not matter what are the easy or past methods of recruiting in your organization but look at it from the applicant’s view and what makes it easiest for them to apply.

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The preceding article summarizes a few key points made by Timothy O’Shea (2013, 10 30). 5 Technology Trends Transforming Recruiting. (HR.com, Webcast).

Written by MJ Craig

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