How Innovative Performance Incentives Made 1 Non-Profit a “Top Organization to Work For”

How Innovative Performance Incentives Made 1 Non-Profit a “Top Organization to Work For”

Rainbow Trust is a non-profit organization in the UK that provides emotional and practical support for families who have a child with a life-threatening or terminal illness. Within a year of applying, Rainbow Trust achieved its goal of being in the top 100 of non-profit organizations to work for by the Sunday Times. Success was attributed to an unconventional approach to increase employee engagement that was driven by the leadership team. By providing innovative performance incentives, it created a more strategic focus and has developed a more open and rewarding work environment (Powis, 2012).

The process involved introducing a new employee engagement initiative each year:

        1. Continuous Communication

          • A monthly publication that informed employees on departmental progress and a quarterly update that was more social with stories from the team
        2. Employee Engagement Group

          • This group was comprised of employees in different departments and levels that gave constructive feedback to the leadership team
        3. Performance Management Process

          • This initiative allowed Rainbow Trust to operate as a strategic company that improved all aspects of compensation and performance expectations from the feedback received from surveys
        4. SBI Feedback

          • Open and honest feedback was established and encouraged that described the situation, behavior, and impact of all colleagues
        5. Annual Staff Conference

          • This gave employees the opportunity to feel appreciated, involved, and engaged with Rainbow Trust

The result has been a better understanding of the organization’s objectives and priorities as well as a stronger sense of trust between all levels of employees. When employees work together and collectively contribute to the greater good, it creates a more productive workforce. The employees feel more engaged, apt to deliver quality results, and go above and beyond expectations.

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Powis, A. (2012). A journey to award-winning employee engagement. Human Resource Management International Digest , 20 (5), 31-34.

Written by MJ Craig

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