7 Tips to Develop Top Talent and Improve Retention

7 Tips to Develop Top Talent and Improve Retention

The mission of your organization is often dependent on those who represent and interact with the community served.  When there are valuable employees that deliver the best care and take pride in their job, it can benefit the organization to develop their skills, keep them engaged, and improve retention.  These employees are valuable resources to the organization and may be best utilized in a managerial role.  When developing your top talent as leaders, there are a few tips that you may want to employ that will help them advance professionally but also allow them to feel more committed to the organization and you as their leader.

•    Make a personal connection: A compelling personal story that explains your relationship to the organization can help someone else establish a connection and find his or her own path.
•    Have empathy: A leader that makes an effort to understand and relate with others’ personal needs and emotions can gain a vast amount of respect and trust.
•    Reflect:  Take time to understand and process the employee’s successes.  Share and provide feedback with them.
•    Be a role model:  Doing what you hope to see out of them will help influence them to make the right choices.
•    Build trust:  Be present and dependable.  Exhibit values and behaviors that will inspire them.
•    Support: Provide encouragement and motivation, but you are not a one man team.  Build a network with multiple relationships for the employee to utilize.
•    Listen: Although you may be their mentor and coach, it is important to gain their insight and feedback. There may be something overlooked by you that makes them unhappy or causes them frustration with their job.  Just ask, be receptive, and they will tell.

Developing your best employees will benefit you and the company by having devoted, quality managers leading the workforce.  They have the best interest of the organization in mind and want to see the team exceed.  So now that you have transitioned your best employees to leadership roles, these tips will help them stay committed to the organization.

Written by MJ Craig

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