Employer Branding Increases Stakeholder Value

Employer Branding Increases Stakeholder Value

A brand is a connection, a promise made to people. When branding your organization, superior reach and return is achieved when people believe that it is a great non-profit. This includes the product or services offered, how clients are served, but also where people want to work. It is much easier to attract great talent when people believe they are working for an organization they are proud of rather than a negatively perceived brand.

Currently, 1/5 of the workforce is greater than 55 years old. This will continue until 2020. The trend to attract employees will now be appealing to the new generation of employees that prefer virtual communities and engaging experiences. The Millennials are the highest performing professionals we have ever seen but also require more commitment and engagement to stay productive. The goal is to attract and attain these workers while keeping them motivated to stay inspired. It may seem tireless to keep these employees motivated, but a solution is to build a brand that employees want to be a part of. The interaction starts with the initial meeting with a candidate. An average interview process does nothing exceptional to attract Millennials to join your organization.

What are the Benefits of Employer Branding?

Internal Value

Increase employee engagement
-Increase retention of the best talent
-Increase referrals from top talent
-Focus on strategy vs. tactical recruiting

External Value

-Better candidate quality and quantity
-Employer of choice recognition
Lower recruiting costs
-Higher level of customer and employee loyalty

How to Build the Employer Brand

-The foundation is the vision and mission of your organization
-Establish and emphasize differentiators that make your organization unique
-What is the employer value proposition?

Employer Brand Attributes

-Rewards: compensation, benefits, vacation
-Work: autonomy, work-life balance, job interest, location, travel
-Opportunity: growth, stability, travel, impact
-People: colleagues, leadership, camaraderie
-Organization: integrity, social responsibility, work environment, technology

What Makes Quality Employee Branding?

1. Authenticity
2. Brand alignment through all channels and across all stakeholders
3. Differentiation

What attributes are important to your organization? What do you want to be proud to represent and share with others? Discover your organization’s passions and develop a brand culture that fits the environment. Asking your current employees what matters to them can do this and what motivates them.

Written by MJ Craig

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