The Road to ACA Compliance

The Road to ACA Compliance

Compliance risk ahead! It has been reported that more than 65% of organizations still do not have the proper tools to comply with the ACA’s regulations and reporting requirements. The new mandate requires organizations to collect and track information from 3-5 different systems including Payroll, HR, Benefits, Time & Attendance, and more. When all of this information is housed in disparate systems, it can be nearly impossible to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Utilizing a fully unified solution for the entire employee lifecycle frees you from the worries and risks of managing multiple systems. When all of your data is in one system, your organization has a single source of truth for information and analytics across departments. This holistic approach helps to ensure ACA compliance with the ability to conduct advanced reporting and create unique data sets. Furthermore, your HR provider can act as your strategic partner, monitoring new requirements and regulations and developing robust, easy-to-use solutions for managing them.

DATIS provides Variable Employee Monitoring, Benefits Dashboards and Analysis, Company Labor History Reports, Document Management, Summary of Benefits and Coverage, and more, as standard, out-of-the-box features of our software, available to all clients at no additional cost.

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Written by Ally Edwards